Scavenger Hunt Bar Tour

From AUD $102.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Northbridge, WA
  • Product code: ScavHunt

The Amazing Race in your own city?! This is the next best thing!  

Heat Warning: The standard version of this tour will contain adult content and activities which are hilarious, but may be offensive to some people. You can choose the G rated or the Adult's version above. This option is free of charge. 

We've listened to you and we've upgraded the Scavenger Hunt to a Bar Tour Scavenger Hunt. You'll now get to visit 2 of Perth's best small cocktail bars for discounted drinks and in the middle you'll embark on one of our hilarious & exciting scavenger hunts. You'll have photos, video and stories to show all your friends and you'll have some proper belly laughs. This is a must do for all the adventurous souls in Perth who want to let their hair down and do something to get them out of their comfort zone. 

This is far different from your regular Scavenger Hunt. Come join us for a 2 hour of epic proportions, taking place across multiple parts of Perth City! This event was sold out at Fringe World 3 years running and heavily praised, in 2023 we are increasing the length and increasing the laughs with a new batch of challenges and the addition of 2 cocktail bars to warm up and cool down from the excitement of the Scavenger Hunt.

Note: Make sure everyone brings their wallet, as there are no no drinks included in the tour and some optional challenges do require you to purchase items. 

What happens?

On a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening you and your crew will meet us at Russell Square in Northbridge, check out our sweet rides and get acquainted with us. After doing some fun group activities (including an... interesting duel...), you and your friends will separate into groups of 2 and then hop on Perth's most unique form of transport, a rickshaw, with your own personal chauffeur who's experienced, safe and a lot of fun.

The riders will take you all across Perth while you complete challenges that are hilarious and test your courage, creativity, intellect, and competitiveness. Yes, there will be alcohol involved, and yes there is a strong correlation between being buzzed and winning the Hunt, so feel free to have a few before you join us.

Throughout the entire journey you'll be laughing hysterically and making memories that you and your friends will be talking about for weeks, smiling about for months and reminiscing about for years. If it's not the challenges, it'll be the thrilling rides between challenges, the great music pumping from our speakers or the bonding between you and your Scavenger Hunt partner as you work together to be crowned champions and win a special prize, and not to mention bragging rights!

After you've completed as many challenges as you can in a set amount of time, you'll need to rush back to the start point to avoid losing points and from there, scores will be added up and the winners will be announced.

You want a break from the mundane group catch-ups and that's why we're here, do something out of the ordinary and have an experience that is extraordinary! Our riders are ready to pedal you up even the biggest of hills if it means victory...

This Event is Perfect for:

  • Groups of friends/acquaintances/enemies ranging from 2-24 (Contact us to enquire about bigger bookings).
  • Staff Parties, I guarantee your co-workers will hate each other less after this. There's a lot of team-building activities.
  • Birthdays
  • Hen's Parties
  • Couples looking to spice up date night.
  • Anyone who likes trying new things and having new, exciting experiences. 


What's included in the price?

You'll receive a ticket to an event that goes for an hour and a half, access to a rickshaw with the comfiest cushion, your own personal chauffeur as well as a challenge sheet and pen to compete the Scavenger Hunt with. The price also goes towards the props we use and all the research and preparation we've put into creating the most fun tour Perth has to offer. There are no drinks included in the tour.

What age range do you accept?

Our ideal age range is anyone between 18 and 80. If you're still going strong past 80 feel free to hop on too! 

Where does the event start and can you drop us off somewhere after the event?

The event starts at Russell Square on the corner of James St and Parker St. We can drop you off somewhere if it's within a reasonable distance, just make sure you contact us ahead of time. Some groups like to finish the event at a bar and we're all for that.

What if we're late?

It's vital you're on time for this event, our instructions are explained at the start and not long after that the bikes will be rapidly moving from location to location. Please try your hardest to get to the starting spot a few minutes before the event starts, if you're 15 minutes late your ticket may be cancelled and is non-refundable. Please note you may be able to change your booking time up until a day before the event.

We offer refunds for any tours cancelled with at least 24 hours notice including tours cancelled due to COVID. For tours cancelled due to bad weather, we will always reschedule or refund your tour. For tours cancelled last minute we will do our best to reschedule, if they cannot be rescheduled we cannot promise a refund.


“So much fun!!! We went on the scavenger hunt which was hilarious.. we were laughing the entire time... we had a blast!! Definitely recommend!!” 

“Did the scavenger hunt yesterday with a friend! Such a fun experience! The guys were super lovely & charismatic! This experience is part tour, part street party, flying through the city on the back of a bike ridden by someone I can only assume has quads the size of boulders.

“Hands down one of the best experiences at Fringe this year!”

"We just did the scavenger hunt over the weekend and it was theee best group outing we've had in a long time! Everyone in our group had a blast and all the drivers were great. Shoutout to Fran for getting us out of our comfort zones and making us feel so comfortable doing some crazy challenges around the city. Absolute legend!!If you're looking for a crazy fun day out or a team building activity, hit these guys up. We're already planning to book another group outing with you guys real soon. Never had a bad peddle experience, drunk or sober?? Thanks guys for a memorable day out!"

"Did the post iso scavenger hunt and it was the best time!! My friend and I loved every minute laughed so much and our driver Tom was the best! Even joined in on a few challenges :)
A great way to see Perth and have a giggle :)
Fab company"